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James Smith
James Smith

Extra Credit [v0.5b]

hee doc i noticed a error whit saving the novel every time i try to save the game you get a traceback error however i can ignore it all the time luckelybut its annoying i think it has to do whit the extra info it should show i think that option is bugging it

Extra Credit [v0.5b]


The examples above use the docker image inspect command with the --formatoption to view the layer IDs, formatted as a JSON array. The --formatoption on Docker commands can be a powerful feature that allows you toextract and format specific information from the output, without requiringadditional tools such as awk or sed. To learn more about formattingthe output of docker commands using the --format flag, refer to theformat command and log output section.We also pretty-printed the JSON output using the jq utilityfor readability. 041b061a72


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