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Repair The Breach, LLC is a Human Services consulting firm that specializes in providing guidance, support, and coaching to individuals and teams seeking to maximize their inner strengths and marketability for success.

Established in June 2021, this small business was founded as an extension of a case study designed to develop strategies and treatment plan options to help individuals optimize holistic health and wellness as an expression of self-care.

Empower Yourself
Helping you to Achieve your True Potential
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You will be Working Directly with Dr.Queen Trice Harris throughout your entire personal growth journey.

Energized by the work of helping others to succeed, the founder and CEO, Dr. Queen Trice Harris is passionate about the work of helping others to confront human challenges, and strategizing to minimize or remove life barriers through productivity and a determination to thrive.

How it Works

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Head over to our Schedule Page.  Book an appointment and we will work together to maximize effectiveness in areas where you most Desire to Improve!

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How it Works

Joi Adjei
Richmond, Virginia

“I was one of her first clients – her daughter!  She has nurtured me through so many life challenges, including health problems at birth.  Through the years, she has facilitated doctor’s appointments, early childhood intervention efforts, and made sure I’ve had the best educational opportunities possible.  Even during setbacks, she has always seen the best in me and more importantly, encouraged me to look for the best in myself.  Now, a college graduate, she has continued to support me with tips for pursuing and maintaining career and relationship goals.  I draw daily from her insight, and will some day pass her nuggets of wisdom along to my children.  She’s the best life coach I know!”

Real Growth, Real Results

Business Consultation

Investment | Partnership
Philanthropic Opportunities

Not personally in need of consulting or coaching services at this time, but want to invest in someone who is?...


Consider partnering with Repair The Breach, LLC.


Every monetary investment will be allocated to building an aggressive brand and growing our line of services to provide those who need it, with access to the most current and relevant consultancy services, resources, and referrals available!


Repair The Breach, LLC will do the work of developing a growing line of customized and strategic plans of action to fit any individual, team, or organization.


Select services are also pivotal for people who develop others through coaching interaction, including educators, independent professional coaches, corporate or executive coaches, managers, team leaders, and leaders in any setting.


Consider partnering with us by donating now.  Together, we can make a positive impact on humanity; with the ultimate goal of helping people to help themselves!

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