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Waylon Green

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I currently use KStars/EKOS on the Mac. All the images on my website were done with that software. It's fully automated, and free. I wrote up an overview here. CCDCiel is a relatively new program, that's come quite far recently, and now also offers full automation on the Mac. I've not done a write up of it yet however, but intend to do so. It's also free. The Cloudmakers suite can also do full automation, but isn't quite as straight forward since they're all separate apps that work combined. Lastly, as you noted, there's The Sky X, which I have not tried, but obviously works quite well and has a support system behind it since it's a pay software suite.

Maxim Dl Pro Suite Keygen Software


It is important to maximize your time under the stars and make sure that you give yourself the best chance of successful results. I have listed many of the software applications I use on a daily basis for capturing and processing deep-sky astrophotography images. Some of these programs are free, most are not.

Happix Download Description: An image processing software better suited for the post-treatment phase. Takes into account two image formats: Fit (16 bits) and BMP b/w (8 bits) and colour (24 bits).

Pocket Deepsky 2000 Download Description: planetarium for WinCE. Pocket Deepsky 2 is based on the popular observing software suite, Deepsky Astronomy Software. It runs under the Pocket PC 2000, 2002, or Windows Mobile 2003 1st or 2nd edition operating system.


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