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[S3E2] Red Hood

Almost immediately that is the case, as a woman dons a red hood and blows up four people. After she is taken in, it is very clear that she is being made to do this. The Joker used to wear a red hood when he first started out, so it is thought maybe they are connected. The woman delivers a note that is on the back of a book page asking to speak with Nightwing. When he shows up she refuses to talk, but shows a phone number that is carved into her arm.

[S3E2] Red Hood

Well, who better to show than our two lovebirds. Hawk and Dove show up at Bird Street and notice a robbery underway. On top of that, everyone in attendance is wearing red hoods. Dick shows up at the crime scene, calling off Barbara and deciding to go in himself with the Titans.

At the end of the episode "Homecoming - Part 2", Red X is among the many recruits of the Brotherhood of Evil, joining forces with the Brain in order to destroy the Titans and their allies. Later in "Revved Up", he and many of the other villains participate in a race for Robin's most prized possession, organized by Ding Dong Daddy. However, when Robin saves his life, X returns the favor by attacking and disabling his fellow Brotherhood members and their vehicles. When Gizmo angrily demands "Whose side are you on, barf-brain?!", X simply answers "Mine!", before destroying Gizmo's own vehicle. He is not present at the final battle between the Brotherhood and the Titans.

Barbara calls Dick to assist with a bank robbery involving red hoods. Dick explains to Barbara that the robbers are just parents of kidnapped kids and convinces her to call off the police so the Titans can defuse the situation. While Hawk, Dove, Starfire, and Nightwing enter the bank, Gar and Connor search for the missing kids. They find the kids, but also their parents. The robbers in the bank are actual criminals and set off non-lethal explosives in order to escape. After they escape, Barbara tells Dick that protecting Gotham is a police matter. She could no longer trust the Titans.

The Red Hood origins prior to Jason are teased throughout the episode. When Ann Williams dons the red hood before blowing up the ATM, Dick notes that Joker wore a red hood at the beginning of his career. Evoking the story from The Killing Joke, Dick believes there is a copycat Joker. While they are not adapting that particular storyline, it is a great nod to the comics.

Feeling like he is yet again being treated like second best, Butch plotted to win back Oswald's approval by creating a second Red Hood Gang and getting them to threaten Oswald during a speech and decapitate the statue of his late mother, which caused Oswald to want revenge on the gang. Butch met up with the gang later upon, but realising that Oswald had worked out where they were hiding out and coming along with his gang and Victor Zsasz in tow, Butch proceeded to betray and gun down the gang members, making Oswald approve of him again for dealing with the people that disgraced his mother. However Edward was not convinced by Butch's ruse. During Oswald's celebration party at The Sirens nightclub, Edward approached Butch and revealed that he wanted to betray Oswald, as he also didn't want to be treated second best. Butch wasn't convinced at first, but finally agreed, especially as he found out that Edward got Zsasz to hold Tabitha captive in the club's kitchen. Butch donned the red hood mask per Edward's instruction and interrupted Oswald's speech to the party guests. He attempted to shoot Oswald with a gun given to him by Edward, only to find it was filled with blanks and that he had been set up. Zsasz shoot and incapacitates Butch, and Edward unmasks him as the traitor. Tabitha manages to get free and helps take down Oswald's crew, and Butch proceeds to attack Edward only to be knocked unconscious by Oswald. Butch is taken into custody and driven to hospital for treatment,but is broken out of the ambulance by Tabitha and hidden away in a safehouse.[29] 041b061a72


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