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Rainy Skies Free Download PC Game BEST

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Rainy Skies Free Download PC Game

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Ive installed everything that I need to, but the dramatic skies pack isnt showing up in the resource pack folder itself. in fact, the folder is empty, and i cant figure out how to move my downloaded resource packs into the file

Cloud is a 2005 puzzle video game developed by a team of students in the University of Southern California's (USC) Interactive Media Program. The team began development of the game for Microsoft Windows in January 2005 with a US$20,000 grant from the USC Game Innovation Lab; the game was released as a free download that October. By July 2006, the hosting website had received 6 million visits, and the game had been downloaded 600,000 times.

According to Chen, Cloud was designed to "expand the spectrum of emotions video games evoke".[8] Chen had the first idea for the game; while walking to school one day he looked up at the sky, noticing the difference between the fluffy clouds there and the "polluted and gray" clouds of Shanghai where he was born, and thought about making a game about clouds.[9] It was given a story to "create the premise and help player to be emotionally invested"; however, the team avoided making the story too strong, as it would "distract the player from the core experience" of flying freely and shaping clouds.[7] In the early stages of development, the game had an involved backstory about an alien who attempts to clean up the environment, but this was cut down to "a simple 'poetic' introduction to the cloud child trapped in a hospital bed".[10] The team intended Cloud to "communicate a feeling of youthfulness, freedom, and the wonder of imagination".[3] It was built on a modified version of a game engine developed by several team members for their previous game, Dyadin.[10] At the 2006 Game Developers Conference student showcase, Chen and Santiago pitched Cloud to Sony representative John Hight as the first game in the "Zen" genre. Hight was interested, but Sony declined to publish the game.[11]

Cloud won the Best Student Philosophy award for artistic achievement at the Slamdance Guerrilla Games Competition and a Student Showcase award at the Independent Games Festival. It was featured on Spike TV, G4TV, and CBS Sunday.[4] The game immediately received a great deal of attention when it was released; site traffic overran the server that hosted the website, and then crashed those of the school.[3] By February 2006, just over three months after the game's release, the website had been viewed over one million times and the game downloaded over 300,000 times. By July 2006, it had reached six million visits and 600,000 downloads.[3][10]

The game received positive reviews from critics. Joel Durham, Jr. of GameSpy claimed that "everything about Cloud is simply jaw-dropping", and cited its music, visuals, and sensation of flying as high points.[12] William Usher of Game Tunnel also praised the visuals and audio: he believed that its graphics created a relaxing atmosphere, and that the "touching musical score" would emotionally move any player.[2] A reviewer for Game Informer said that the game pointed "to a bright future" in which games would inspire a wider range of emotions; however, the writer called Cloud more of an "experience" than a game.[13] Ron White of PC World similarly called it "the most relaxing experience I've ever had that involved a computer".[14] Durham concluded that Cloud "would set your mind free".[12]

You can now download Heaven Benchmark 4.0 which is a DirectX 11 GPU benchmark based on advanced Unigine engine from Unigine Corp. It reveals the enchanting magic of floating islands with a tiny village hidden in the cloudy skies.


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