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Best Place To Buy Carhartt Pants

Carhartt work pants are world renowned for their durability, functionality and construction. They're not just pants that people happen to wear to work, they're pants specifically made for the job site. Backed by over 130 years of on-the-job testing and endless innovation, their position as the working person's pant of choice has been hard earned. Picking Carhartt for your work pants is the easy choice; perhaps more challenging is picking which pant is right for you. This guide will help you better understand the different types of Carhartt work pants and which styles are best suited for your vocation.

best place to buy carhartt pants


Rugged Flex: Fabric with Carhartt's patented Rugged Flex technology is comprised of cotton and a very small amount of spandex canvas. This combination produces subtle, but noticeable stretch in places where workers need it. The result is a durable, rugged pair of pants that feels less rigid and offers maximum flexibility and comfort. This technology is now available in a wide variety of Carhartt work pant styles.

Now that you understand fits and fabrics, you'll need to pick the features that'll help you best on the job. Whether you need extra pockets or added protection, Carhartt work pants offer a sneaky number of extras made just for working people.

Utility Pockets: What worker doesn't appreciate extra pockets? Sure, some Carhartt work pants feature the standard 5-pocket construction, but most are outfitted with additional storage for your extra tools and accessories. Many have a convenient, understated side pocket (some have two) that accommodates a cell phone or other small tools. You'll have to examine each pant closely to see where those utility pockets are placed. Carhartt also makes a number of cargo pant styles that feature roomy, multi-compartment pockets on the outside of each leg. These are for the guy who must carry everything with him!

Searching for a versatile pair of pants, but shopping on a budget? We researched an overwhelming number of options before purchasing 10 of the best pants for men to test side-by-side. We purchased each pair of pants at retail price, and wore each for several days to compare important aspects like comfort, fit, ease of care, style, and ease of movement. After careful evaluation and hours of testing, we constructed this review to help you find the best pair of pants for your needs and budget. From business wear to casual options ideal for hangouts and hiking, we have recommendations for every activity.

Like a solid pair of jeans, all of these pants are versatile, casual options. But our apparel experts have tested the full spectrum of the best men's clothing on the market, with a particular focus on the gear you need to get outdoors. Our in-depth reviews cover clothing like hiking pants for hitting the trails, sun shirts for long sunny days on the water, and more technical outerwear like rain pants and hardshell jackets.

The Wrangler Cargo pant is exactly what you might think of when somebody says "cargo pants". Love them or hate them, cargo pants are an enduring trend that will always have their place in the world of workwear. Whether you need pockets for small tools or snacks, cargo pants provide you with the means to carry a surplus of items readily at your fingertips. These pants are equipped with a total of six pockets, including two extra-large flap closure side pockets. Our testers appreciated the utilitarian functionality these pants offer.

The Bonobos Stretch Chinos are made from a soft stretch cotton blend that is pleasing to the touch. Despite being 2% lycra, these pants were fairly restrictive and did not offer an exceptional range of motion. However, given their cut and look, these are best as business casual office pants or semi-formal dress pants, so their lack of mobility isn't entirely relevant.

The Unionbay Survivor Cargo pants are casual pants best suited for weekend yard work. With a relaxed fit bordering on baggy, these pants are much too casual for office wear and a little too thin to be serious work pants.

The Dockers Slim Fit Khaki is another choice that can work for a variety of functions. Dressed up or down, this pant fits in just as well at the office as it does for a Saturday BBQ. Though high performers in specific categories, some pants are just meant for one purpose. The Carhartt Dungarees, for example, are great work pants, but given their specificity, they're not very versatile. Along the same lines, the business casual Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit Chino is best suited for a dressier environment.

One important pocket for many climbers is the thigh pocket. On most climbing pants, this pocket adds a closure system and creates a place to stash something like a phone while climbing. It stays out of the way of a climbing harness and keeps valuables safe.

Based heavily on the fact that they're 100% cotton and exceedingly breathable, these are the best lightweight work pants we've found. They get bonus points for their seven close-to-the-body pockets, too. The pockets and snaps also put them up there with the best tactical work pants. 041b061a72


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