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Buy Knob Creek Bourbon

The bourbon is the creation of Booker Noe, the sixth-generation master distiller in the Beam family. Noe wanted to create a bourbon that tasted similar to those of the pre-prohibition era and began experimenting.

buy knob creek bourbon

We know that he had to use a mash mill of at least 51 percent corn, as is the rule for all bourbons. However, he never disclosed the actual ratio of ingredients, so we don't know precisely what goes into Knob Creek.

Knob Creek uses 51% corn in its mash bill. However, the drink does not disclose the other grains used. It is considered a bourbon because it uses a mash of not less than 51% corn, and it is heated, cooked, then cooled down [2].

Knob Creek is an American brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced by Beam Suntory (a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan) at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. It is one of the four Jim Beam small batch bourbon brands targeted for the high-end liquor market. Its siblings in the line are Booker's, Baker's, and Basil Hayden's.

The primary expression of the brand is aged for 9 years and bottled at 100 proof (higher than the typical 4 years and 80 proof that are the minimums required by U.S. Federal labeling requirements). Knob Creek comes in a rectangular bottle with a corked or twist-on cap and wax-sealed top. The bourbon has a dark, amber-brown color.[2]

The original. Still made in small batches to exacting standards. A copper to medium amber colored bourbon with a rich, sweet, full-bodied, and almost fruity flavor. It's followed by a long, rich, and glowing finish.

Knob Creek is distilled under the direction and supervision of master distiller Fred Noe. Fred is the son of legendary master distiller Booker Noe and is the grandson of Jim Beam. Knob Creek 12 Year was originally released in 2019 as a limited edition however in 2020 it became a regular release as part of the product line. This bourbon is distilled from a mash bill of 77% Corn, 13% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley, bottled at 100 Proof, and had a retail price of $59.95 USD.

As the years spent in an oak barrel and rarity goes up so will the Knob Creek price. As Knob Creek is small-batch bourbon you can expect to pay higher prices but compared to some bourbon out there Knob Creek is very reasonably priced.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Bourbon is a bourbon created in tandem with local stores. Knob Creek works with the retailer to choose a barrel for bourbon aging that will be a special release.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is single barrel bourbon aged 9 years in barrels selected by Knob Creek distillers. The single barrel reserve is 120 Proof (60 percent alcohol by volume).

Shortly before Prohibition bourbon reached an all-time level of quality but in January of 1919, the eighteenth amendment was passed and took the boom out of bourbon growth. Fourteen years later, many distilleries were unable to restart production. The ones that did were financially forced to age their whiskey for shorter periods of time or to resourcefully blend their different whiskies. As a result, Americans developed a taste for softer whiskies, rather than the long-aged, big-flavored straight bourbons of the past.

Knob Creek 18 Year Bourbon really is a delicious well-aged bourbon. Accordingly, it does have quite a bit of oak, but the oak is not overpowering. The nose has a rich dessert like crème brûlée character, with a hint of fruit. Additionally, the taste has a notable brown sugar sweetness, and the expected oak makes its appearance. Finally, the finish has plenty of oak, but the other flavors continue as well, and a bit of spice develops later on. If you are someone who enjoys well-aged bourbons, and is a fan of oak, then this is a bourbon for you!

I am a fan of well-aged bourbons, and I am also a fan of oak, so this is a bourbon that I really enjoy. Although, I originally questioned the 100 proof, generally being a fan of higher proof whiskeys. However, as other have suggested, this lower proof point was likely chosen to keep the oak in better balance. I guess I would have to try it at both proof points to know for sure, but I do know the 100 proof works quite well.

Would you like to learn more about distilleries and bourbon? Are you planning a trip to Kentucky Distilleries? Maybe you would like to live the bourbon life vicariously through us?? If any of these are true, then check out today!

A classic that never goes out of style. This pre-prohibition style Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is expertly crafted in limited quantities and aged for 12 years to create a bold flavor with rich caramel and vanilla notes. Full proof for full flavor, this bourbon is an essential ingredient in any home bar.

Aged 12 years, Knob Creek is bottled at 100 proof and uncut, with the full flavor and proof intended by our first Master Distiller, Booker Noe. It's everything a bourbon should be - full bodied, rich and complex. Full proof for full flavor. Bold yet smooth and balanced.

The original that started it all, Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is still made to exacting standards. Knob Creek is aged to fully draw out the natural sugars in its charred white oak barrels. This exceptional, full-bodied bourbon strikes the senses with an oak aroma, a sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity taste, with a long, rich finish. Created to reflect the flavor, strength, care, and patience that defined whiskey before Prohibition, Knob Creek is perfect neat or on the rocks with one or two ice cubes. Knob Creek is part of The Small Batch Bourbon Collection. Explore the entire Knob Creek Family for yourself and discover what whiskey was meant to be.

The hardest-working rye whiskey is made from the highest-quality rye grains. This Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey, bottled at 100 percent, combines typical rye spice with the characteristic Knob Creek sweetness. Its high corn mash bill is best suited for bourbon drinkers wishing to enhance their rye collection. Ask the jury of the 2016 World Spirits Competition, who declared Knob Creek Rye the World's Best Rye, if you don't believe us. Its 100 proof is a plus, making it assertive but still drinkable. As a result, it can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in cocktails if you prefer a more classic flavor with a moderate bit of extra heat and power.

Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an utter classic small batch whiskey from Jim Beam, first created by Booker Noe and introduced in 1992. It was named after the creek which flows near where Abraham Lincoln grew up.

Cask Cartel is proud to bring you a collection of premium whiskeys online. Our collection includes bourbons, ryes, scotch, Japanese style, and more. Whether you are gifting a bottle to a loved one or stocking your in-home bar, fine whiskey is a popular spirit that anyone can appreciate. 041b061a72


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