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James Smith

July 10, 2019 ? Good Morning To A Beautiful And Gorgeous Hump Day

Looking for another relaxing way to experience Mount Mansfield, well look no further. The Gondola SkyRide is your ticket to the top. The ride up is beautiful no matter what the weather is. On a clear day the expansive views of the mountains covered with the lush forest canopy and the wildflowers on the trails are gorgeous. In the early morning or on a cloudy day, the SkyRide can be just as exciting, especially for a first-time visitor. The clouds hang low over the mountain and you feel like you are riding right through them.

July 10, 2019 – Good morning to a beautiful and gorgeous Hump Day

We have lost our beautiful fur baby to spleen cancer back in October 2020.My beautiful Denzel was my soul mate of a dog and i miss him everyday ,still cry myself to sleep.He was a rescue dog and very loyal and lovable.He started to put on weight and i thought that maybe it was because i gave him to many rewards ,so i started to put him on a diet and weight his dinner every night.He never lost weight and did not understand why as he was full of energy.Loved going to the bech for a swim and having a good pkay with mum dog.One day my husband said he did not want to eat his mornings biscuits which i thought was a bit strange as he loved food.Anyway he ate less and less and kept putting on weight. So i thought this is not right so i took him to the vet and had blood test done .They all came back good and still he was not eating so i asked for an ultrasound and this when i found out that he had a large tumor on his spleen and they gave him 3 weeks to 3 months to live.To say i was devastate with tbis news .So we decided to see a specialist and they told us that that it could be the less agrassive one ,we were hoping that it would be but no he had the agressive one with some spread.He was put on Prednisone/Macrolone 20mg tabs to help him for his appetite it did work but it made him very restless at night crying ,so i slept on tbe floor with him consoling him.His last day with us i tried to take for a short walk as he love his walk and he was so weak that we can home.That night he had very bad gastro and can up to me about 4 or 5 time to say Mum i need to go to the toiletas he did not want do it i side. unfortunately we had put to sleep the next day and decided it should be done at home typical of Denzel he just purked up a bit .The vet gave him an injection and he went to sleep than woke up so another i jection was done and to my horror he leaped up as he did not want leave us then went down and tongue hanging out some blood coming out from his nose and he was gone.It had to be the worst ever euthanasia i had ever experinced and cannot get it out of my mind.I know he was sick but i cannot get over loosing .The love he and i shared was magical I will always miss him and love him.Just writing this tears me up.My husband got me a dog because i when into dipression he is a nice pup and does bring a smile to my face and has helped but still a long way to go.My beautiful boy Denzel i love you


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