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Skyrim Update 13 Reloaded 144

Updating the GPU driver might fix any problems related to how the game renders its visual. If you use Nvidia cards, you can install the latest drivers by downloading them through the GeForce Experience app or the Nvidia site. Meanwhile, AMD users would want to download their drivers from You can also manually update your driver by:

Skyrim Update 13 Reloaded 144

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POSTING THE ENBSERIES BINARY FILES ON NEXUS SITES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITEDSmall performance improvement of ssao effect for videocard with low memory bandwidth. Did workaround for NVidia 320.xx drivers to fix sun visibility and some other issues, now it work on Win7. Replaced ldr mask texture by hdr texture for enbsunsprite.fx shader, also it's now use color of sun (masked by clouds).This version require helper mod to run per weather setups and temporal antialiasing (if not used both, then ignore helper mod), download it from link in readme.bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 must be set in SkyrimPrefs.ini file to make this mod work. Start SkyrimLauncher.exe to configure your video options again.Sky lighting to work correctly require rendering objects to shadow, so edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini:bTreesReceiveShadows=1bDrawLandShadows=1bShadowsOnGrass=1This is just the mod with default preset, download customized presets and shaders from the forum or other sites.v0.188: Did workaround for NVidia 320.xx drivers to fix sun visibility and some other issues. Unfortunately it work only with WinXP drivers.v0.187: Added ssao/ssil code from version 0.119 and it controlled by new parameter UseOldType, it's a bit faster than latest version and probably better for characters, but not support complex ambient occlusion mode. Fixed bug with not updated parameters via backspace key, now they work at cost of huge delay while pressing reload button.v0.186: Improved quality of reflections effect and it's performance.v0.185: Fixed various bugs. Added EnableVSync parameter (turned on by default), added parameter UseDefferedRendering which turned off disable several effects, but performance impact is minimal to allow users with low end videocards to run the mod. Added denoiser 4 for reflections. Optimized performance of various effects, still in progress doing this.v0.183: Increased performance of grass and trees rendering.v0.182: Fixed glowing edges artifact when detailed shadows enabled, added new ssao mixing types and parameter to enable indirect lighting for ambient colorv0.178: Fixed bug of non additive fire blending mode for distant windows, minor improvements of soft particles effect. Added lights from particles effect with it's parameters, at this moment candles and some fire types emit lights only.v0.177: Fixed bugs of new ambient color filter, fixed ColorPow bug. Added soft particles computation to some types of them.v0.175: Fixed vanilla bug of subsurface scattering (glowing edge on characters), added ambient top and bottom colors. Replaced sun color filter variables by single rgb, so old variables are obsolette.v0.172: Improved temporal antialiasing and added new parameters in enbseries.ini.v0.171: Improved new weather system and added temporal antialiasing for testing.v0.170: Added weather system.v0.169: Added time of the day detection system and new parameters for it.v0.168: Fix for sun sprite.v0.166: Minor changes.v0.159: Beta version for testing temporal antialiasing and helper mod which allow to make new effects. Unfortunately it not work because of game scripting specific issues.v0.157: Fixed minor bugs, enbsunsprite shader rendering moved after enbeffectprepass, optimized shaders for grass and trees in viewport and for shadows rendering, added performance profiler for most effects to GUI.v0.155: Fixed ssao interior bug.v0.154: Did optimization, fixed minor bugs. Not sure if this version work correctly like previous, so it's beta.v0.153: Implemented complex ambient occlusion mode. Added controls for rain drops and their refraction (example textures enbraindrops). Added fix to remove game blur for foggy weather and for background in menu. Minor fixes of potential bugs with shadows.v0.152: Added IBL effect. Increased quality of sky lighting effect. Fixed bug of indirect lighting which appear in previous version.v0.151: Exterior detailed shadows tweaked to be independent from shadow drawing distance from skyrimprefs.ini file. Changed ssao code, optimized it a little, added new parameters for ssao/ssil, new AOType added, UseComplexIndirectLighting is now working (disable it to increase performance).v0.149: Changed ssil math, it's ignore ambient lighting now. Mostly cosmetic changes. Added specific parameters under [FIX] category of enbseries.ini to toggle new fixes. Obsolete parameters removed. Also added reflection selector for interior and exterior scenes as some users don't want them in exteriors.v0.148: Mostly cosmetic changes. Added specific parameters under [FIX] category of enbseries.ini to toggle new fixes. Obsolete parameters removed. Also added reflection selector for interior and exterior scenes as some users don't want them in exteriors.v0.146: Optimized ssao/ssil new filters and fixed water transparensity with these effects enabled.v0.145: Effect ssao/ssil changed and new filter types of it added.v0.144: Improved quality and changed effect ssao/ssil and reflection. Added new parameters for reflection.v0.143: Fixed some bugs, added subsurface scattering controls for vegetation. To simplify compability with old presets (because of latest changes in night/day detector) added new parameter DetectorOldVersion.v0.141: Beta is for comparing modified ssao/ssil effect (wip).v0.139: Fixed bug with inverted EInteriorFactor variable in shaders, modified day/night interpolator to make smoother transitions, added statistics for day/night in GUI, fixed secondary user config reading (it was corrupted after GUI was done), some other minor fixes reported by users.v0.138: Added separated day and night parameters for interior in enbseries.ini, old are removed.v0.136: Improved ssao performance and quality, added video memory statistics, bugfixes.v0.131: Fixed fog for water, added new category [PARTICLE] to control many transparent objects (including waterfall particles).v0.130: Added Edge AA instead of hardware antialiasing (MSAA), which not supported in all versions after 0.119. Unfortunately changes made in 0.129 beta produce artifacts for some users, this is not fixed yet, because of no testers.v0.126: This version differ from 12.12.12 by GUI implemented. To activate it press together SHIFT and ENTER keys. Some variables can't be changed in GUI, better not to touch quality parameters at this moment, they are not dynamic. In version 0.126 vs 0.125 added some interior variables for ambient occlusion properties; different frame limiter code (it worked wrong for some users); GUI editing now allow keyboard input for changing values.v0.125: Internal GUI implemented to simplify editing presets.v12.12.12: Optimized reflections. Fixed some minor bugsv0.123: Reflections implemented, they aren't good quality and very slow now and only for testing purposes if they fit TES Skyrim or not. Also fixed bug when AOMixingType set 2.v0.122: Parallax fix changed to different and now don't have specular artifacts (see parallax.txt). Ssao and ssil quality increased and changed their mixing to scene methods (added new variables). There are many other changes, which i don't remember and never do logs, sorry. Reflections are not yet finished. Bug with bright silhouettes around objects very annoying, but i'm still searching better algorithm to detect edges for bilateral filter for various distances. And finally, performance is from v0.121, except ssao.v0.121: Performance and quality optimizations, mostly.v0.119: Added parameters for tweaking interior separately. Old *Day and *Night variables are now only for exterior scenes. Added to shaders variable EInteriorFactor for toggling between interior and exterior scenes.v0.117: To fix issue with bright hair added new parameter GammaCurve which is equal to parameters ColorPowDay and ColorPowNight, but apply to entire screen and should replace those two. But global usage of this variable may require changes in most of other parameters. Also new global variable is Brightness. Added fake clouds scattering on their edges, similar to Fallout New Vegas and GTA 4 versions. Parameters for this effect are CloudsEdgeClamp and CloudsEdgeIntensity. This version have all previous bug fixes and new feature is programmable lenz fx or any other sprites for sun only. New external shader file named enbsunsprite.fx and it use texture for computations named enbsunsprite.tga, enbsunsprite.png or enbsunsprite.bmp. This effect is done for modders who know how to edit shaders, probably later i'll create my own, but at this moment there are many other things not implemented yet (depth of field effect is also still as example for modders and some of them did good fx).v0.114: Test of sky lighting effect (fake ambient occlusion), everything else is almost 0.113. To work correctly, sky lighting require rendering objects to shadow, so edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini: bTreesReceiveShadows=1 bDrawLandShadows=1 bShadowsOnGrass=1 And make sure that bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 is set in same file. New parameters: UseOriginalObjectsProcessing turn off all per object changes of the mod for those, who wish to use only parallax fix or some other components without radical changes to graphic. FixGameBugs is bugfix of underwater and grass bugs of game patch for ATI users. FixParallaxBugs fix game bugs when parallax mod installed, temporary for NVidia only. AntiBSOD and SpeedHack increasing performance in some locations. UseComplexIndirectLighting affect performance of ssao if UseIndirectLighting=true, but quality of indirect lighting is lower. EnableDetailedShadows temporary for NVidia only, new effect which increase shadow details (video as example -s9cuPPM) ShadowCastersFix some huge objects or mountains cast shadows more correctly. ShadowQualityFix temporary for NVidia only, decreasing noise of game shadows by little cost of performance. DetailedShadowQuality temporary for NVidia only, greatly affect performance of shadows. UseBilateralShadowFilter temporary for NVidia only, reduce blurred edges of shadows artifact which exist in original game.v0.113: Difference between new and previous version is sun rays effect. This version is similar to 0.103, but with new shadow effect, bugfix for parallax, optimization. Performance in this version optimized for ATI videocards also, but i don't have hardware for testing, so not sure how it work on practice. Do not set ForceFakeVideocard=true in this version, it's now for bugfixing mode and will be removed later. Parallax bugfix also should work for ATI users (mod is here =16919). Partially changed code of SSAO and Indirect Lighting mix for better quality, modified method of computing distance fade factors of these effects (FadeFogRangeDay, FadeFogRangeNight). Changed detailed shadow quality presets (-1 is extreme, 0 is high, 1 is middle, 2 is low) for better details.v0.110: Similar to 0.103, but with new shadow effect, bugfix for parallax, optimization. Best performance with NVidia cards temporary, but ATI users also may use this version, it have fixes for bugs of patch (set ForceFakeVideocard=true). For NVidia users this version do not create fake videocard "ENB", so you must redetect graphic options by game launcher if previously used modification 0.103 or earlier version.v0.109: Test beta version for NVidia cards with huge optimization.v0.108: Simplified version with many effects removed, but performance is very high.v0.105, 0.106: Optimized code to make it less cpu dependent.v0.103: Implemented experimental code of injector instead of standart d3d9 wrapper. This may be useful for users with Optimus laptops or for those, who using overlay tools like EVGA, Afterburn, D3D Overrider, XFire and others. Graphic changes are only get back to SSAO code from version 0.099 with minor update of indirect lighting intensity.v0.102 Tatsudoshi: Fixed few bugs, most work is done for increasing performance (not all yet). Many bugs of previous version is still here, i'll fix them later.v0.101: Fixed bugs of previous version (at least what is see). Added code of programmable external depth of field effect (only added, but "todo"). With ne enbeffectprepass.fx shader file you can make more than just depth of field, it's executed before enbeffect.fx and working with hdr values in multipass mode (up to 8 passes). Changed standart of external shaders, removed ScreenScaleY and ScreenSize replaced by vector of 4 values. Most of old effects will not work, replace in them ScreenScaleY with ScreenSize.z and float ScreenSize; with float4 ScreenSize;. Increased quality of bloom and removed parameters of radius 1 and 2 for it.v0.100: Removed parameter CyclicConfigReading (it read configuration file every 5 seconds), from now this will be handled by pressing a button BACK (can be changed KeyReadConfig). Added almost all code from my patch AntiFREEZE TES Skyrim 0.096, including most of it parameters. FPS limiter implemented, fps counter. Screenshot capturing is back, but different key assigned. SSAO effect now have additional "lite" version. To switch it setup parameter UseIndirectLighting=false in enbseries.ini file and restart the game. Added values to control SSAO distance relative to fog distance. Night and day time are separated. Properties for adaptation in enbseries.ini are finished, but they are partially clamped by limits in enbeffect.fx, so if you wish to control by enbeffect.ini only, remove limit code in shader (or wait when i'll post new shader). Added parameters for SubSurfaceScattering to reduce lighting in shadows for characters and ugly thin line on them (game bug). Added parameter for control of lights from windows, but it affect some fx, for example freeze spell. Added ShadowObjectsFix to apply shadows from mountains properly. Various bug fixes. SSAO work with antialiasing.v0.099: Fixed crash in the evening. Added palette texture support (enbpalette.bmp, tga, png files). Removed code for screenshot capturing. SSAO disabled by default, activate it in enbseries.ini, parameter UseAmbientOcclusion=true and make sure antialiasing is not enabled by game or drivers. Not tested with other d3d9.dll files and they are not supported now.v0.098: Implemented code from AntiFREEZE patch to fix some game bugs and increase stability with this mod. Added parameters to control environmental fog.v0.097: I'm going to be crazy with fixing game bugs for make it work with ENBSeries, official patches destroy my progress every time, so i decided to release "light" version. Crashes of the game 1.1 happening very frequently (at least on my PC), they are not internal modification errors. Hardware antialiasing (multisampling) unsupported at this moment, so to make SSAO work properly, disable antialiasing (msaa). Optimization not applied, same as in any other first versions of ENBSeries, if you wish to get higher framerate, turn off SSAO or decrease quality of it. Game have some strange mistakes which aren't fixed yet, for example in interior locations direct light enabled and applied from bottom or from side (sun, uh?), so increaing intensity of it is not good idea, better to decrease all other values together and increase overall brightness in post processing shader enbeffect.fx. Users, who already tweaked parameters for GTA 4 version will not have much problems with this one. Do not change SubSurfaceScattering parameters, game have bug for characters and i'll fix it when latest official patch will be released (bright thin line on skin).download


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