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Why You Should Download Notepad++ Today

Notepad++ Download: A Guide for Windows Users

If you are looking for a free, open-source, and powerful text editor for Windows, you might want to try Notepad++. Notepad++ is a popular code editor that supports various programming languages, offers many features, and can be customized with plugins and themes. In this article, we will show you what Notepad++ is, why you should use it, and how to download and install it on your Windows PC.

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What is Notepad++?

Notepad++ is a text editor that was created by Don Ho in 2003 as a replacement for the default Windows Notepad. It is written in C++ and uses the Scintilla editing component. It is designed for editing source code, but it can also be used for writing plain text. Notepad++ has a simple interface that allows working with multiple open files in a single window. It also has a large community of users and developers who contribute to its development and improvement.

Why Use Notepad++?

Notepad++ has many advantages over other text editors, especially for programmers and web developers. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Notepad++:

Syntax Highlighting and Code Folding

Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting for more than 50 programming, scripting, and markup languages, such as C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, XML, SQL, etc. Syntax highlighting makes it easier to read and understand code by using different colors and fonts for keywords, operators, comments, strings, etc. You can also customize the syntax highlighting according to your preferences.

Notepad++ also supports code folding, which allows you to collapse or expand sections of code based on indentation or markers. Code folding helps you to focus on specific parts of code or hide irrelevant details.

Multiple Tabs and Views

Notepad++ allows you to work with multiple files in a single window using tabs. You can switch between tabs easily using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. You can also drag and drop tabs to rearrange them or split them into different views. You can have up to four views in one window, which is useful for comparing or editing files side by side. You can also synchronize the scrolling of the views or zoom in or out of the text.

Plugins and Customization

Notepad++ can be extended and customized with plugins and themes. Plugins are additional features that you can install to enhance the functionality of Notepad++. For example, you can use plugins to compare files, check spelling, format code, run commands, debug code, etc. There are hundreds of plugins available for Notepad++, and you can also create your own plugins using the Notepad++ Plugin Development Kit (NPPDK).

Themes are visual styles that you can apply to change the appearance of Notepad++. You can choose from the built-in themes or download more themes from the internet. You can also create your own themes using the Notepad++ Style Configurator.

How to Download and Install Notepad++?

There are several ways to download Notepad++ for Windows. Here are some of the most common methods:

Download from the Official Website

The easiest way to download Notepad++ is from its official website: . On the homepage, you will see a download button that will direct you to the latest version of Notepad++. You can choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, depending on your system architecture. You can also choose between the installer and the portable version. The installer will guide you through the installation process, while the portable version can be run without installation.

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Download from GitHub

You can also download Notepad++ from its GitHub repository: . On the repository page, you will see a releases section that will show you the latest and previous releases of Notepad++. You can download the zip or 7z files that contain the executable and other files. You can also download the source code if you want to compile Notepad++ yourself.

Download from Other Sources

There are some other sources that offer Notepad++ downloads, such as SourceForge, TechSpot, Softpedia, etc. However, these sources may not always have the latest or official versions of Notepad++, so it is recommended to check the authenticity and security of the files before downloading them. Here are some links to some alternative sources:

Install Notepad++ on Windows

To install Notepad++ on Windows, you need to run the installer file that you downloaded from the official website or other sources. The installer will ask you to agree to the license agreement, choose the installation location, select the components to install, and create shortcuts. After that, you can click on Install and wait for the installation to finish. You can then launch Notepad++ from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.

If you downloaded the portable version of Notepad++, you do not need to install it. You just need to extract the zip or 7z file to a folder of your choice and run the notepad++.exe file. You can also copy the folder to a USB drive and run Notepad++ on any Windows PC without installation.

How to Use Notepad++?

Once you have downloaded and installed Notepad++, you can start using it for editing text or code files. Here are some basic tips on how to use Notepad++:

Open and Edit Files

To open a file in Notepad++, you can use one of these methods:

  • From the File menu, choose Open or Open Folder as Workspace.

  • Drag and drop a file or folder onto the Notepad++ window.

  • Use the command line argument notepad++.exe file_name.

To edit a file in Notepad++, you can use these operations:

  • Cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, find, replace, etc. from the Edit menu or toolbar.

  • Select text with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

  • Indent or unindent text with Tab or Shift+Tab keys.

  • Comment or uncomment code with Ctrl+Q or Ctrl+K keys.

  • Format code with Ctrl+ A or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F keys.

  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the text.

Change Language and Theme

To change the language of Notepad++, you can use one of these methods:

  • From the Language menu, choose the language that you want to use for syntax highlighting.

  • From the bottom right corner of the Notepad++ window, click on the language name and select from the list.

  • From the Settings menu, choose Preferences, then Language, and select the default language for new files.

To change the theme of Notepad++, you can use one of these methods:

  • From the Settings menu, choose Style Configurator, then select the theme from the drop-down list.

  • From the Settings menu, choose Preferences, then Theme, and select the theme from the list.

  • Download more themes from and copy them to the themes folder in your Notepad++ installation directory.

Install and Manage Plugins

To install plugins in Notepad++, you can use one of these methods:

  • From the Plugins menu, choose Plugins Admin, then search for and install the plugins that you want.

  • Download plugins from or other sources and copy them to the plugins folder in your Notepad++ installation directory.

  • Use the Plugin Manager plugin that comes with Notepad++ to install and update plugins.

To manage plugins in Notepad++, you can use these options:

  • From the Plugins menu, choose the plugin name and access its features or settings.

  • From the Settings menu, choose Preferences, then Plugins, and enable or disable plugins.

From the Plugins menu, choose Plugin Manager, then Show Plugin Manager, and install, update,


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