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Buy Iridium Satellite Phone

First, and most importantly, satellite communications are critical during and after natural disasters. While some areas are more vulnerable than others, anywhere can fall victim to mother nature. One fresh reminder of this is Hurricane Harvey in 2017, where the vigilant people of Houston, Texas were ravaged by one of the worst hurricanes in United States history. Unfortunately, many were unable to connect through traditional cell phone lines; for example, according to the Federal Communications Commission, in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, Aransas County in Texas reported nearly 95 percent of its cell towers were out of commission. Because many members of the media brought satellite phones with them to report on the hurricane, many shared their phones with locals affected by the storm.

buy iridium satellite phone

Additionally, satellite phones can be an important lifeline during recreational activities, like hiking, sailing, mountain biking, hunting, breaking world records, and many other recreational activities in remote areas of the world such as the middle of the Pacific Ocean or at a job site. No matter where, Iridium is there.

Iridium GO! is the innovative product which transforms your smartphone into a satellite phone anywhere in the world. Compatible with Apple and Android, Iridium GO! extends the use of your smartphone and devices. The Iridium GO! app extends your connection, optimizing you for voice, SMS, e-mail, 100-foot radius of WiFi for up to five devices, weather monitoring and more.

Iridium has worked hard over the past two decades to provide reliable, truly global satellite communications in collaboration with our more than 400 partners worldwide. Whichever product fits your needs, our partners can help you find the right device and service! Visit our website to find an Iridium partner near you.

The problem with cell phones is they just don't work everywhere. Iridium Satellite Phones solve that problem. Stay connected wherever you go, anywhere on earth. Global coverage is accomplished using a sophisticated mesh network of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites in polar orbits about 781 km above the earth. Since call switching occurs in space instead of on earth, the call path is unaffected by local earth weather conditions. Since the LEO satellites are relatively close to the earth, the call latency experienced by Iridium users is almost unnoticeable compared to the latency experienced by callers using the Inmarsat or Thuraya satellite networks.

Iridium offers a variety of equipment for various applications. Handheld Iridium satellite phones like the Iridium Extreme offer voice, text, 2.4 kbps data, GPS services, and personal alert services. The Iridium GO! is a small portable WiFi hotspot designed to pair with your smartphone. Because the Iridium Satellite Network uses low-earth orbit satellites, Iridium users are able to communicate even in mountainous terrain. Iridium Push-to-Talk provides simultaneous voice and text communications amongst large groups of users. If you need multiple voice lines and broadband internet up to 704 kbps, Iridium Certus terminals are available for land vehicles, in-building applications and marine applications.

In-building emergency command centers and marine applications typically require a docking station and external antenna for your handheld satellite phone. Various docking stations are available and some are equipped with an RJ-11 phone port and an optional privacy handset. Docking stations can run on wall power or DC vehicle power. The satellite phone's antenna adapter will allow it to be used directly with external antennas without a docking station, which may be useful in some situations. External antennas for fixed-site buildings, land vehicles, boats, and aircraft are available including the following:

Compact and lightweight, the Iridium 9555 satellite phone is tough enough to travel anywhere and withstand the world's harshest environments. Iridium 9555 operates on the only satellite network with 100% global coverage on land, the waterways and in the skies.

Iridium is the only 100% global satellite phone networkIridium is the only satellite phone network which offers complete global coverage allowing first responders, military personel, government departments, NGOs, engineers, geologists, truckers, sailors, snowmobilers, hikers, climbers, campers, fishermen, hunters, prospectors, adventurers and explorers alike to stay connected wherever they go. Its comforting to know, that no matter where you land, dock or disembark, with just a clear view of the sky, an Iridium satellite phone and a current plan, you'll be able to check in, say hello, call for help or text good night.

Cell phones connect to physical cellular towers to make calls, send texts and access internet services on mobile data. Satellite phones (sat phone, terminal, satellite cell phone) connect to satellites in the sky and function independently from ground-based networks but offer standard phone capabilities.

Unlike Inmarsat and Thuraya, Iridium uses 66 cross-linked LEO satellites that orbit the Earth at a much lower distance, passing frequently to provide ample opportunities to connect with satellite devices on the ground.

Iridium Satellite ServicesIridium provides top class, reliable and protected satellite services with full coverage, making it a true global mobile communications network. With plenty of satellites in orbit, a signal is guaranteed from your Iridium satellite phone when you have an unobstructed view of the sky with no other close interference.

A leading satellite services provider, Iridium offers leading-edge satellite communication devices that include Internet connectivity, location awareness, enterprise apps, email and messaging. Canada Satellite offers a wide selection of pricing plans and bundles for Iridium satellite phones.

Iridium 9575 ExtremeIn 2011, a highly durable Iridium Extreme (9575) phone was introduced with a built-in GPS emergency button and interface to advanced location-based services. Available to rent or buy, the Iridium 9575 Extreme model is top of the range combining SOS, GPS-enabled location-based services, online tracking, reliable global coverage, and much more. The Iridium Extreme is jet-water, shock and dust resistant (IP65) and can operate in temperatures between -15 - +35 C.

Iridium GO!The Iridium GO! is the latest personal satellite communications device from Iridium and creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on your smartphone or up to 5 mobile devices. No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch wherever you are, whenever you need, with the devices you rely on every day.

Iridium 9505ALarge brick shaped satellite handset manufactured from 2002 to 2008 by the second corporate incarnation of Iridium. Externally almost identical to the original Motorola 9505. Native RS-232 data interface with proprietary pinout adapter. The Iridium 9505A model comes with a convenient and robust docking station with advanced features and functionality like include smart dialing with the correct country format.

Several other Iridium-based telephones exist, such as payphones, and equipment intended for installation on ships and aircraft. The DPL handset made by NAL Research combined with a 9522 transceiver is used for some of these products. This handset provides a user interface nearly identical to that of the 9505 series phones.

The Inmarsat handset the ISAT2 is a popular handset that while fantastic for a large portion of the planet fails around the Arctic and Antarctic circles. It is also easier to lose connectivity due to requiring line of sight to a satellite over the equator.

Satellite phones are legal! They are used everyday by Americans all throughout the country. Whether it be for emergency planning or taking to a remote mountainous region thousands are used everyday in the US.

We believe that customers shouldn't pay for what they don't need! So we don't sell airtime at the same time as hardware. However, we will include a FREE SIM with all phones. Please choose the type of SIM you require. If you are not sure then we would recommend the Pre-Pay SIM which has no explicit "contract" and can simply be topped up as you need it.

For frequent callers, the prepaid solution is cheaper than a contract. For emergency communication and security-related areas, you should sign a contract. Iridium prepaid vouchers are offered virtually as a combination of minutes for voice and data and a period of validity. At the Iridium GO! special prepaid vouchers are offered which only charge the data connection to 50% of the voice connection. After exceeding the validity date, the remaining credit expires and the SIM card can be recharged for 270 days. Thereafter expires the validity of the SIM card as well. Prepaid vouchers for restricted regions are offered on more favorable terms, e.g. Africa, South America, etc. After the termination of the contract postpaid SIM cards expire with the assigned phone number. A resume will require a new SIM card and a new contract. The administration of SIM cards, invoice management, etc. for prepaid and postpaid is done via our customer platform

Satellite phones can allow you to make calls, send texts, and access the web in areas where there are no cell towers or other earth-bound forms of communication infrastructure. This makes them useful in remote or rural areas, out at sea, or when normal cell phone services are disrupted by natural disasters, war or other emergencies. For this reason, satellite phones are popular amongst hikers, climbers, sailors and globe-trotting reporters.

Satellite phones are often more expensive to operate than regular cell phones, plus they tend to be larger and bulkier. Additionally, satellite phones are unlikely to work indoors, they may not always provide good coverage in remote or rural areas, and they can be affected by weather conditions such as clouds or heavy rain, as well as geological obstacles such as mountains and large trees. 041b061a72


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